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I am a stamp collector. Bangladesh is my homeland. Bangladesh has circulated almost 1600 types of stamps. Most of them are unique and impressive. If you intend to get Bangladeshi Stamps instead of yours stamps, then you do not hesitate to communicate with me.

My main focuses: Flowers, Butter flies, Birds, Animals, Mosques, Science & Technology, Geography, Ships, Aero planes, Astronomy and Tourism & Heritage sites.

I collect bank notes, coins and phone cards also. I f you exchange these with me, you can communicate with me.

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Fakhrul Islam
1- F / 5 -12 (2nd Floor) ,
Mirpur , Dhaka - 1216 ,


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  1. Dear Mr. Fakhrul,

    I was highly impressed with your stamp blog and this helped me to see some of the stamps I was looking for.
    I need your help. I am looking for Stamp on Explorations of Bangladesh. Can you pls help me with this?