Friday, May 06, 2011

Exploring the Solar System : United States, 2000

This space souvenir sheet from the United States Postal Service features exploration of the solar system with five sun-related high face value postage stamps. The sun images include the sun and corona, a cross-section of the sun, the sun and earth, the sun with a solar flare, and the sun and cloads. This beautiful stamp sheet was designed by Richard Sheaff and released by the USPS on July 11, 2000.

The pentagonal postage stamps in this sheet was a first for the USPS; perforation of the five stamps required special perforating dies created just for this issue.

The actual size of this sheet is 185mm x 128mm (7.28" x 5.04").

In my opinion, this space souvenir sheet is one of the nice sheets of the world. Moreover, this is a popular item of primary education. At present, many students collect this for their school assignments. But they are not stamp collectors.

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