Monday, June 06, 2011

New philatelic topical field, Holography and philately: postage stamps with embossed holograms

Collecting postage stamps is a worldwide business and hobby, which begun not long after national post offices started to issue stamps. The very first definitive stamp with a hologram was issued in Austria in 1988. Since then, about 40 countries have issued holographic stamps and the total amount of different postal items with holograms is about 100. In 1999, there were more holographic stamps issued than in any previous years. A chronological review of stamps issued with embossed holograms is given. A detailed description of each stamp is provided with photographs of all postage stamps and souvenir sheets. The use of holograms on stamps seems to be more of a new and attractive decoration rather than a security measure. Holographic stamps have already become a new philatelic topical field.


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